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paint and coating

CPS designs various types of exterior surfaces, specifying paints and coatings for buildings and structures. With new high performance paints and coatings, highly technical specifications and requirements are needed to ensure the painting and coating  work is performed properly.

stucco and synthetic stucco

CPS can provide the technical expertise to provide unique surfaces for exterior structures.  With the advent of synthetics the options are unlimited.

roof consulting

 CPS has the experience , training, and education to provide roof consulting services for all types of roof  membrane,  tile, metal, shingle, single ply, modified bitumen,  and built up roof systems.

residential design

CPS has trained designers in residential housing.  Each client is a part of a partnership in its creation.  Every home is unique, one of a kind.  Each home is designed to last using energy efficient material and low maintenance products.

CPS cares about the environment, our designs place the utmost importance on building material and energy efficiency using sustainable building materials.

services Include:

  Visual Inspection   Photographic   documentation   Determining Repair Priorities   EIFS    Stucco   Painting and Coating   Brick and Block   Metal   Windows    Curtain Walls     Store Front Doors and Windows   Infrared energy survey   Infrared Moisture survey   Waterproofing   Brick and Stone Application    Contractor Qualification and Selection Assistance    Material Qualification and Selection Assistance   Make Recommendations   Review, Bid, and Specification Documents    Bid Review and Evaluation


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