The science and art combined to establish procedures for investigation, materials testing and design for new roof systems or roof failure.  Roof consulting is; inspection, documentation, moisture detection, field testing, reports, design counseling and review, bid and specification writing, energy waste detection, and many more.  Cps offers a full line of professional roof consulting services as one full package or individually developed to meet our clients specific needs.

We provide a comprehensive written report with every inspection. The roof evaluation provides the client with information that they need in making a final decision to resolve any deficiencies in the existing roof.  Cps ensures compliance with all government and corporate safety requirements and regulations.

Cps provides a roof layout to illustrate the location of any deficiencies within the roof.  In addition, roof samples are taken to reveal the type of deck, insulation, and roof system that is currently being used.  Visual observations and photographs are used to show findings.  Recommendations are then outlined in the written report with approximate costs.


Partial list of services:

Visual Inspection

Photographic Documentation

Code Compliance Review

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Leak Detection


Infrared Scanning

Core Sampling

Due Diligence for Roofing and Building Envelopes

Roof Level Survey (Microtopography)

Roof Drainage and Flow Patterns

ASTM Laboratory Analysis (testing)

Base Mapping for Present and Future Use


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