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Consolidated Professional Services, P.A., (CPS) is an Residential Design, Engineering, Building Envelope and Roofing and Waterproofing consulting firm located in Ocala, Florida. CPS is a multi-disciplined firm, which was established in 1979 with a commitment to providing services of the highest quality and a dedication to the complete satisfaction of our clients. CPS is a firm created by design and construction professionals who have served the state of Florida continuously for over 28 years.   Our team of qualified professionals and knowledgeable production staff will work closely with every client to ensure that the design requirements are not only met, but also surpassed.  The success of the project is our ultimate goal.


Consolidated Professional Services, P.A. specializes in building envelope design and inspection, roof consulting, non-destructive testing, designing new and re-roof systems, inspection of defective condition(s), roof repairs, moisture, abatement, waterproofing, exterior paints & coating, expert witnessing and umpiring. The roofing and waterproofing industry is not an art as it used to be; it is now a demanding science, requiring full time analysis and evaluation of each system and component.


Consolidated Professional Services, P.A. has the expertise necessary to design, engineer, test, and monitor roofing and/ or waterproofing projects from start to finish.  In any capacity of Roof Consulting, Investigation, and Moisture/Waterproofing services we offer the highest priority and standard of excellence possible.


The Residential Designers, Engineers, and Roof Consulting specialist who comprises CPS have successfully proven themselves on projects for the Housing Authority, City and County Governments as well as other private clients throughout Florida and the southeast. Because successful projects are often remembered by their; meeting schedules and budgets, or meeting the program needs, CPS believes that true success is shown by the relationship between the client and the individuals who work on their project from the beginning until the project is completed.




CPS has a strong record of client satisfaction.  We are a highly qualified residential design and consulting team whose outstanding results are based on having talented professional designers, extensive experience with residential homes, horse barns, etc., with strong management for completion on time and within budget and careful consultation with clients to understand their needs.  Individuals who have extensive knowledge of current policies and procedures represent all our professional disciplines.  We believe CPS possesses the capabilities to provide the personalized service, which most project types demand and the ability to tailor the scope of services to meet project specific requirements.




Our experienced team believes in a management-oriented approach to each project.  You will work with principals who maintain continuity throughout the entire project, taking a hands-on approach to their professional services. We believe CPS possess the capabilities to provide the personalized service which all projects demand, and the ability to tailor the scope of services to meet the exact needs of each individual project.




A systematic approach to production provides for an orderly sequence of tasks; each level of decision becomes the foundation for the next step.  At predetermined points in our work, we, along with our client, pause to review and take stock of our work.  At each of these stages, project budgets and schedules are updated.  Experience indicates that this periodic review is crucial to insuring that the client’s needs and requirements are understood and met.  We are accustomed to working with various governmental agencies and have produced our work in accordance with their procedures and policies.




CPS uses state of the art equipment for investigation, design, documentation and specification.  This use of computers allows us to efficiently update information and to assemble data for a variety of purposes.




Our primary goal for each project is to create an economical design that meets or exceeds pre-established standards of performance.  CPS employs a variety of cost control devices throughout the project.  During each design phase, a review committee with project-specific expertise will generate ideas for reducing the cost.  Consolidated Professional Services, p.a. will accept submittals for more economical materials and carefully research each product for suitability.




CPS is committed to taking advantage of available continuing education in order to keep firm principals abreast of the ever-changing Codes and Standards governing building design and construction.  In addition to a working knowledge of the State of Florida’s regulations and Administrative Code governing the design and construction of educational facilities roof systems, CPS has involved its design staff in seminars and courses to familiarize themselves with the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) requirements for flood resistant design and construction, and the Southern Building Code Congress International (SBCCI) Standard for Hurricane Resistant Design and Construction (SSTD).  CPS principals possess the knowledge to evaluate existing buildings in an effort to recommend compliance directed renovations, as well as to incorporate these Standards into the design of new facilities in order to ensure compliance and thereby accessibility to a broader segment of society.




CPS clients benefit from roof consulting, non-destructive testing, roof system design, inspection, repairs and expert witnessing services all provided at a level of expertise unsurpassed in Florida. Current statistics indicate that 80% of all construction litigation is roof related.  Don’t take the design of the roof system lightly.  Let CPS be your partner and ensure that your next project receives service of the highest quality. Mr. Staley has consulted with various clients in various situations, on the conditions of their roof.  This service includes an inspection of existing conditions for conformance with local codes, standards, and roofing practices.  Photographs and/or video may be taken at the time of inspection and be included in a written report of findings and suggestions for correction.




Mr. Roger M. Staley, R.R.C. a Registered Roof Consultant has conducted various forms of consultations on existing buildings from visual inspection to infrared moisture surveys.  To evaluate the existing conditions to local codes and to manufacturers requirements.  The use of digital camera or video is employed to capture the defects for the written report of findings.  The report may include suggestions or recommendations for future corrections. 




For specific determination of causes, Consolidated Professional Services, P. A. (CPS, P. A.) offers infrared moisture, and visual surveying.  These surveys provide verification of problem area(s) with report of findings including photographic and/or video documentation.




CPS, P. A. has the skills and experience necessary to design and engineer any roofing project with the utmost professionalism.  The design of your roof and management of your project will assure you of a long lasting roof that can exceed the warranty period.




CPS, P. A. has advised clients on methods to be taken to correct many different roof problems.  Proper correction of the defective condition(s) can save you time and money.  Let CPS, P. A. advise you of the most effective and economical measures to be taken for your project.




Advantages of CPS, P. A’s services are endless when replacing your roof system.  CPS, P. A’s experience with roofing and code regulations will be most valuable on your next project.  CPS, P. A. will certify that your new roof system is installed according to local code and per manufacturer’s specifications.




Upon the existence of a moisture problem in a building, CPS, P. A. is employed to locate the problem area and relay to the client the most effective means of correction.  Whether it is moisture migrating through the walls, floors, basement, planters, etc. CPS, P. A. will locate the problem area and advise you accordingly.           




The below ground and exterior waterproofing is a natural part of a Certified Roof Consultant’s performance.  Through testing, visual observation, methods and means can be utilized to prevent moisture migration in your building.  Whereas, CPS, P. A. has performed numerous waterproofing and exterior coatings for various conditions to prevent moisture infiltration.



ROOF CONSULTING SERVICES:                                                                                 


   Visual Inspection                         

   Photographic documentation

   Leak Detection                            


   Infrared Moisture Surveys           

   Core Sampling

   Moisture Probe                                        

   Finding Reports

   Roof Level Survey (Microtopography)

   Roof Drainage and Flow Patterns                     

   Detection of Moisture Migration

   Base Mapping for Present and Future Use                  

   Energy Waste Detection Through the Roof Assembly

   Insulation Requirement Needs                           

   Field Testing

   Fastener Pull-Test                       

   Insulation Sampling

   Material Sampling                       

   Code Compliance Review

   ASTM Laboratory Analysis (Testing)                            

   Determining Repair Priorities

   Design Counseling and Review

   Engineering Service                   

   Construction Drawings

   Specification Review and Evaluation                            

   Bid and Specification Writing

   Contractor Qualification and Selection Assistance                 

   Material Qualification and Selection Assistance

   Quality Assurance of New and Repaired Roofs; Installation, Material and Inspections                  

   Mortgage Closing; Residential and Commercial Roof Workmanship

   Preventive Maintenance Programs Analysis               

   Life-Cycle Cost Energy

   Bid Review and Evaluation                                            


DESIGN COUNSELING                                                                                                                            

   Review Plan                                             

   Make Recommendations           

   Review Bid and Specification Documents       

   Bid Review and Evaluation

   Material Qualification and Selection Assistance

   Contractor Qualification and Selection Assistance


DESIGN PROGRAM                                                                                                                                              

   Client Requirements Reviewed 

   Review Existing Site                   

   Engineer a New System Based on Latest Codes, Standards and Principals of Sound Roofing Design

   Prepare Plans and Specifications                               

   Assist Client in Bid Package

   Review Bids and Contractors

   Follow-up on Workmanship of Contractor Design Needs

   Final Inspection and Evaluation             

   Finalize All Documents




The CPS Residential Design team works to develop a concise, well-defined design program based on specific functional and aesthetic desires.  From this program we will design a “one of a kind” facility tailored to provide economical construction methodology, energy efficiency and effective spatial relationships, while projecting the desired image to the community involved.  We can also specify all materials, finishes, fixtures, doors, windows and hardware, as well as provide construction management and site inspection to ensure that the contractors meet the design requirements.




The Residential Design team works closely with the client to develop a concise, well-defined design. We build design teams that make up a wide range of experience and expertise. Our design is based on our clients’ needs and expectations.  Buildings are constantly changing construction parameters, such as the tightening of structural and energy codes, “green” building and “energy star” concepts as well as the creation of energy efficient wall and roof systems has made the design of buildings an extremely complex endeavor.  A firm that stays ahead of the technological curve is better able to provide its clients with the design for a sound and economically feasible building.


Consolidated Professional Services, P.A. contributes to each client’s ideas, to provide a more pleasing function in form, which results in the best design available.  CPS can design your project to reflect your personal desires and accomplish the task within your budget and time restraints.  CPS can provide designs from early American to modern architecture, whether it is a local dwelling, horse barn, or a small or large farm design. Each design keeps you, the client, informed of changes as the form takes shape into your project.


We specify all materials, finishes, fixtures, doors, windows and hardware, as well as provide construction management and site inspection to ensure that the subcontractors meet your design requirements.




CPS 's design team is determined to use advancing technology.  We believe in producing expert designs and a better quality of service to benefit the client. We currently are using AutoCAD and SoftPlan with the capability of seeing the home in 3D vision.







CPS provides clients with a variety of engineering services, such as: master planning, site layout and design, storm water drainage and/or retention, and permitting, as well as minor structural design.  CPS clients have the convenience of working with one qualified firm that has the ability to design and deliver a project from the ground up.





CPS, P. A. provides expertise in specifying exterior coating and paints to buildings and structures.  Whether it is for special coatings or water towers, salt-water protection, swimming pool, chlorine protection or a bridge, your specific needs can be designed for the optimum life span of today’s materials.




Through the referral system of insurance companies, CPS has been chosen to preside over disputes between insurance companies and home and business owners.  Also, CPS, P. A. has been court appointed to umpire in situations when necessary.





Our registered roof consultant specialist has performed expert witnessing for almost 28 years.  Those services range from sprayed Polyurethane Foam Roof (PUF) to Built Up Asphalt Roof (BUR), and infrared thermography. Expert deposition and courtroom witnessing makes complex roofing principles understandable to all concerned parties.  For many years infrared thermography has been used for predictive and preventive maintenance of roofing systems. Thermography is constantly being used more to provide legal documentation. Courts have accepted thermography as evidence used to prove or disprove claims by opposing parties.


Thermography has been utilized in commercial and industrial civil cases to document failures or to disprove a party's claim that a particular roof system or roofing component has failed. Due to its detailed nature, thermography can be used as substantial evidence.  CPS's thermographer will provide testimony in the role of an expert witness so that the documentation can be entered into evidence.   CPS's experience and qualifications in this special field as an expert witness make us highly accepted in a legal proceeding. 


Our talented expert is multifaceted, well trained, a competent investigator, able to document the findings in a logical and concise report, and able to intelligently present his findings during legal proceedings. Cps honestly assesses these capabilities and will always work within these limits. Our professional expert constantly seeks to maintain his training and to keep himself informed as to the latest developments within his technology. CPS's thermographer who also works as an expert witness will be required to perform or supervise the infrared inspection as well as provide any subsequent testimony. At that time the client or his attorney will usually retain the thermographer prior to the start of the project. A written report will be forwarded to the client clearly outlining a fee schedule for the initial work as well as a fee schedule for any subsequent testimony.  Expert evaluation and testimony can be provided.


Through referrals of attorneys, insurance companies, and insurance adjusters, CPS has investigated many situations to report existing conditions, cause thereof, and recommend corrective measures.  In many cases, CPS has been used as the expert.  CPS has testified in civil, county, and summary court in numerous appearances.  In most cases, CPS is able to locate the problem and suggest means of correction reasonable to both parties, avoiding the court system.  However, there have been incidences where CPS has arbitrated/mediated between Owner and Roofing Contractor or Insurance Company with great success.





The proven performance of CPS on a variety of project types in meeting schedules, budgets and coordinating production, gives us confidence that we can successfully guide the project through its development to completion.  During the past twenty (25) years, Mr. Staley has provided the benefit of his roofing knowledge to roofing contractors, architects, engineers, roofing consultants, attorneys, insurance companies, building maintenance managers, and building owners.  The following is a partial list of clients that Consolidated Professional Services, P. A. has provided service to:


COMMERCIAL • INDUSTRIAL • RETAIL                                                          

Lockheed Martin                                           Occidental Chemical Co.

Alberto Culver, Inc.                                        Rayco

Subway                                                          Compass Bank

The Villages, Inc.                                           Radiology Associates

Gilman Building Products                            Silver River Museum

Holiday Inn                                                     Martin Marietta

Howard Johnson’s                                        Silver lake lodge                  

Sun Bank of Ocala                                        Alberto-Culvert, Inc.

Mid-State Federal Sav. & Loan                  Orange Blossom Gardens




United States Air Force – Cape Kennedy                        

Housing Authority – Jacksonville, Florida

Sheriff’s Department – Marion County, Florida                

State of Florida

Housing Authority – Ocala, Florida                                                

City of Ocala, Florida

School Board – Marion County, Florida                            

Marion County (Florida) Board of County commissioners

Florida Department of Education                                       

United States Department of Defense

U.S. post office – Belleview, Florida

United parcel service – Jacksonville, Florida


INSURANCE COMPANIES                                                                                              


Liberty Mutual

All State                                                         

Crawford and Company


Cincinnati Insurance Company

G.A.B. Adjustment Company          

Weathers Adjustment Company, Inc.

State Farm Insurance Company                                                    


Westfield Insurance Company


United States Postal Service                                                         

St. John’s River Community College – Palatka, Florida

Shands Teaching Hospital – Gainesville, Florida

Monroe Regional Medical Center Employee’s

University of Florida – Gainesville, Florida                       

Federal Credit Union

Marion Citrus Mental Health Center                                   

United Parcel Service

Lakeside Medical Center



Robert Taylor – Palatka, Florida                                        

Craig Salley – Gainesville, Florida

Edward S. d’Avi – Ocala, Florida                                      

Levette Miller – Ocala, Florida

Nicholas Mansito – Ocala, Florida                                                 

Buck Fuller – Gainesville, Florida

T.C. Skinner – Gainesville, Florida                                    

Eugene Davis – Gainesville, Florida

David King – Ocala, Florida                                                           

Kevin Barns – Gainesville, Florida

D.B. Young – Orlando, Florida                                                       

Hal Thomas Reid – Ocala, Florida

Larry Krietemeyer – Ocala, Florida                                               

Angus McRae – Ocala, Florida

James Tatom – Ocala, Florida



Royce C. Gandy – Ocala, Florida                                                  

Gary Kellogg – Gainesville, Florida

B. William Ten Broeck – Ocala, Florida                            

Archie Gordon – Ocala, Florida

Ken Hill – Gainesville, Florida                                                        

Sam Marsolf – Gainesville, Florida

Miles Christian Anderson – Ocala, Florida                       

Thomas Sputo – Gainesville, Florida

Guerra Development Corp. – Ocala, Florida                    

Riddle Consulting Engineers, Inc. – Ocala, Florida

James Fizpatrick – Ocala, Florida                                                             


MAINTENANCE MANAGERS                                                                             

Andy Race, County of Marion Ocala, Florida

Doug Koehn, School Board Ocala, Florida

Buddy Crosby, City of Ocala Ocala, Florida

John Parker, The Villages of Lady Lake Lady Lake, Florida

Carlyle J. Ausley, Jr. Ocala, Florida

Bill Mosier, Heritage Management, Inc. Ocala, Florida

Wayne Miklautsch Alberto Culver, Chicago, Illinois

Neil Opper, Liberty Real Estate Boston, Massachusetts

Maurice Murphy, Sun Bank Ocala, Florida

Tom Barnhardt, Barnhardt Mfg. Ocala, Florida

Lou Mirra, Days Inn Ocala, Florida

Noah Long, Paddock Park Business Center Ocala, Florida

Tony Rierson, Seamless Hospital Products Ocala, Florida



Gary Adel Ocala, Florida

Darlene Stosik Ocala, Florida

Mike Palecki Tallahassee, Florida

Allan King Ocala, Florida

Dan Hicks Ocala, Florida

Doug Oswald Ocala, Florida

Wayne McCall Ocala, Florida

Stephen G. Birr Tavares, Florida

Eric Matthies Ocala, Florida

Scott Cross Ocala, Florida

Kenneth Davis Gainesville, Florida

Lauren Merrian Ocala, Florida

Michael R. Riemenschnieder Leesburg, Florida

Steven Gray Ocala, Florida

Dean W. Karkar Tampa, Florida

Sheppard Dozier Ocala, Florida

Barry Hughes Daytona Beach, Florida

Richard Snyder Gainesville, Florida

Chester Trow Ocala, Florida

Ed McCellan Ocala, Florida

Janice Kelly Orlando, Florida

Henry W. Jewett II Orlando, Florida




State Farm Insurance Company

Seaboard Adjustment Bureau

Ken C. Mellick, Condominium Association

Willard Kelly (Residential)

Cumberland (Residential)

Lengenmann (Residential)

Van Hees (Residential)











Mr. Staley, founder of Consolidated Professional Services, P. A. has a diverse background in the construction industry and twenty eight (28) years of consulting experience in the roofing and waterproofing industry.  Mr. Staley is a graduate of Central Florida Community College with an A.S. Degree in Radiological Health.  He has completed various seminars and workshops on built-up roofing, single-ply roofing, modified bitumen roofing, and standing seam metal roofing systems conducted by Roofing Industry Educational Institute, University of North Florida, Construction Specification Institute, Roof Consultant Institute, and has attended various manufacturers schools and seminars.   A member of the Southern Building Code Congress International, Inc. (SBCCI) now is the ICC International Code Council, National Roofing and Contractor’s Association, Florida Homebuilder’s Association, Marion County Homebuilder’s Association, National Homebuilder's Association, and Florida Chapter of the Roof Consultant’s Institute, Mr. Staley stays abreast of uniform codes and code changes.  Mr. Staley is a charter member in the Roof Consultant Institute, past President of the Roof Consultant Institute Florida Chapter for 1990-1991, and 1999-2000.  In addition, he is a Registered (Certified) Roof Consultant, 1989.



ROGER M. STALEY, C.R.C., PRESIDENT                                         




Roof Consultant                     Registered Roof Consultant, 1989

Institute                                   Raleigh, North Carolina


Central Florida                      A.S. Degree 1977-1979

Community College              Radiological Health

                                                Ocala, Florida


Central Piedmont                  Business Courses 1970-1971

Community College              Charlotte, North Carolina



High Point College                Business Courses 1968-1969

                                                High Point, North Carolina


MILITARY SERVICE:            U.S. Army Special Forces



CERTIFICATION:                  Certified (Registered)

Roof Consultant, 1989

                                                RCI, Inc. (was the Roof Consultant Institute)


AFFILIATION:                        Construction Specification Institute

North Central Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Association

Home Builder’s Association (National & Local)

ICC  International Code Council (Southern Building Code Congress International, Inc.)                

Florida Chapter of the RCI, Inc, President 1990-1991, and 1999-2000




Ocala/Silver Springs Rotary Club

Board of Directors


Ocala Jr. Women’s Club

Family of the Year – 1987


National Roofing Contractor’s Association

Professional Member # 74331


Roof Consultants Institute

Professional Member # 10548

Registered Roof Consultant # 00048


Southern Building Code

Congress international

Professional Member # 23455


Building Official Association of Florida

Associate Member # 024


Florida Chapter of the RCI, Inc.

Professional Member


National Homebuilder’s Association


Marion County Builder’s Association


Florida Home Builder’s Association






The most valuable education has been the basic knowledge provided by various roofing associations, schools, courses, seminars, and the technical manuals issued by roofing manufacturers.  The knowledge gained from the schools and by working closely with many different roofing contractors on different roofing systems has given me a broad education.


It is usually not possible for roofing contractors to be knowledgeable with all types of roofing products and in all applications of roofing systems.  It has been my responsibility to stay abreast of the building codes, the different roofing systems, ASTM’s changes, new construction techniques, and manufacturer’s changes and updates.




The Roofing Industry Educational Institute                           

  Standing Seams Metal Roofing Systems                                  

  Membrane Roofing Systems – Design, Specifications and Maintenance    

  Elasto/Plastic Sheet Applied Roof Systems                             

  Basic Roofing Technology

  Asbestos Abatement


University of North Florida

  Basic Roofing Technology

  The Better Understanding of Roofing Systems Institute (BURSI)



Construction Specification Institute                                        

   Selecting a Roofing System                                                       

   Quality Workmanship for Roofing System                                

   Interrelation/Enforcement of Specifications

   Construction Contract and Insurance

   Construction Contract Changes

   Bid Verification

   Sealants and Caulking Application


Southern Building Code Congress Int’l, Inc.

   Flood Resistant Design

   Hurricane Resistant Design


Roof Consultants Institute         

   Infrared Moisture Survey Guidelines                                         

   Plaza Deck Paving                                                                      

   Code, Testing and Building Teams                                           

   Mechanical Fastening of Single-Ply Roofing Systems           

   Hot Asphalt During B.U.R. Construction                                   

   Legal Responsibilities for Roofing, Bonds, Warranties          

   APP Verse SBS Modified Bitumen Material                           

   Polyester Membrane in Roofing                                    

   Liquid Applied Roof Membrane                                    

   Steep Roofing                                                                  

   Testing Methodology                                                                   


   Construction and Specification Procedures                            

   Design Principles                                                            

   Cold Process for Roofing

   Factory Mutual Systems

   Underwriter Laboratory Classification

   Asbestos Abatement

   Wind Loads Design

   Recover and Moisture Analysis


Manufacturer’s Seminars and Workshops

   Dow Chemical Company

   Seaman Corporation

   Republic Powder Metal

   Monier Roof Tile

   Carlisle Systec System

   Carpenter Insulation and Coating Company And Guidelines

   Tremco Roofing Products and Systems

   Manville, Inc.


   W.R. Grace








In 1989, Mr. Staley became a Certified (Registered) Roofing Consultant through the Roof Consultant Institute now called RCI, Inc.  In addition to the rigorous testing, he had to prove and demonstrate his ability to qualify as a professional certifiable roof consultant.


The Roof Consultant Institute, (R.C.I.) now called RCI, Inc.


RCI, Inc. promotes on a non-profit basis, the interest of persons engaged in any phase of roof consulting and to promote the growth of the roof consulting industry.  A professional member shall be those individuals who derive their principle income as a practicing Consultant, Architect, or Engineer.


RCI, Inc. strives for the betterment of the roofing industry through education and experience.  The consultant shall demonstrate his competence to the membership committee to establish competence and having professional qualifications as a roofing consultant.


The roofing consultant should be knowledgeable in field investigations, sampling procedures, laboratory analysis, testing, design counseling and review.  He must be able to prepare complete contract documents, including specifications, drawings, and details for roofing systems, structural analysis, and design of roof decks.  Then observe roof construction work for compliance with the contracts as well as specifications and details, report preparations and life-cycle costing service for roofing systems.


Minimum Requirements:


1.         College education and/or the equivalent of 10 years serving in the roofing industry, or

2.         A professionally registered Architect or Engineer must have at least 4 full years of service and experience working with clients on roof analysis, designs and/or inspection service.

3.         Shall have attended a minimum of 3 roofing seminars and shall have earned a minimum of 7.0 CEU credits (Continuing Education Units).

4.         Shall have a strong moral and ethical character as demonstrated by his referenced experience and professionalism.

5.         Shall strive to continue his training, education, and exposure to all facets of the roofing industry.






The Construction Specifications Institute, (C.S.I.)


C.S.I. is an educational organization, which provides the latest techniques and recommended practices in construction designs and specifications.  It also provides information about current issues and trends affecting the building industry and researches professional opinions on how to solve job-related problems.


C.S.I. provides a listing of services for technical documents educational materials for the construction industry.  These documents are used for the formulation of specification manuals.


Minimum Requirement:

Write specification and bid documents for construction.  Writing specifications and bid documents is part of your normal duties in the work place.


North Central Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Association


The North Central Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Association consists of Roofing Contractors, Sheet Metal Contractors, Suppliers, and Consultants.  Focused on the community we provide voluntary service to less fortunate citizens.  This group of professionals meets to expand their knowledge of the roofing industry.


Home Builders Association (National and Local)


The Homebuilders Association is quite similar to the North Central Florida Association.  Composed of Residential Builders, Suppliers, Consultants, its objective is also to better the community and broaden their knowledge.


ICC- International Code Council ( was the Southern Building Code Congress International, Inc. (SBCCI))


ICC is located in Birmingham, Alabama and is supported fully by its membership.  ICC  provides expertise of codes to all states and counties allotting them the opportunity to adopt uniform codes.


The Roofing Industry Educational Institute (RIEI)


RIEI is an educational organization located in Englewood, Colorado, which conducts seminars on roofing technology throughout the United States and Canada.  The institute was created by companies and organizations from every facet of the roofing industry and is now recognized as the most important independent source for education in roofing technology.


The RIEI was established as a non-profit, independent, objective organization whose purpose is to provide for the technological education of those concerned with improving the performance of roofing systems.


The benefits from attending the RIEI seminars are:


1.         Learning from recognized industry experts.

2.         Obtain the latest information.

3.         Understand the reasons for differences of various roofing systems.

4.                  Learn to select the right materials for the building and its intended use.

5.                  Learn the consensus of the roofing industry for roofing problems and solutions.

6.         Opportunity to share opinions with other professionals.

7.         Receive comprehensive reference manuals and Continuing Education Units, (CEU).


RIEI is designed to provide information that is not provided in the formal education institutions.  The courses are designed for Architects, Engineers, Consultants, Roofing Contractors and Specifiers, etc.


The courses are:


1.         Basic Roofing Technology

2.         Roof Inspection, Diagnosis, and Repairs

3.         Design and Specifications of Roofing Systems

4.         Single Ply Roofing Systems

5.         Standing Seams Metal Roofing Systems

6.         Roofing Update

7.         Asbestos Abatement